‘We should have been a priority’: Consumers may feel the pinch at checkout after Texas farmers hit hard by winter storm

‘If we can get through this, we can get through anything’


ST. HEDWIG, Texas – Farmers across Texas were hit hard by the recent winter storm and rotating blackouts that knocked out power in many communities. Consumers can expect to feel the effects at the grocery store, with empty shelves and higher prices for some products.

Green Bexar Farm in St. Hedwig, which focuses on organic foods and specializes in tomatoes, opened its doors three years ago.

Cody Scott and his wife made it through the pandemic by pivoting their strategy. They managed to survive after KSAT interviewed them in 2020 as the pandemic began affecting them.

But the Scotts could not make it through the 2021 winter storm that left much of Texas without power.

“We borrowed extra heaters from the community. I was going in the middle of the night, fueling up diesel and keeping the heaters going, and the first night, they started going in and out. I managed to save most of our stuff,” Scott said. “The next night, the power went out, and we lost everything.”

Out of the 2,800 plants in his two tomato greenhouses, Scott and his wife managed to move the winter plants that were alive and not on the ground into the house. The loss of his main crop is going to hurt since he lost 90% of his income.

“We have to start all over, and even the fastest crops won’t be ready for another two months,” Scott said. “We have zero income for the next two months, and we lost about a year’s worth of income.”

Without crop insurance, Scott will count on donations and support from customers through his Community Supported Agriculture box. 

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