Tips to choose the right lawn service for your home

SAN ANTONIO – Keeping your lawn beautiful and bright green can be a challenge if you’re doing all the work yourself. If you need that extra help and want a professional to do a job right, it’s essential to choose the right lawn service to meet your needs.

The Better Business Bureau is offering the following tips:

First, research and gather all the information you need to make an informed decision. Get recommendations from friends or online reviews to help you decide.

Once you find the right company or individuals to do the job, the professionals will need to know your budget and the services you want for your lawn.

Next, ask for a lawn inspection. A professional cannot be sure what treatment your lawn may need without seeing it first. Request clear defined estimates with correct pricing and the same list of services on each of them to compare.

You should also ask the experts for references, professional affiliations and verify if they are licensed if required by a local or state government.

When it comes time to sign the contract, the BBB says it’s best to ensure all the topics discussed and promises made are included. Document the project duration, expected results and any critical factors before putting pen to paper.

Make sure to ask your lawn service about any safety precautions your family will need to take for the project’s duration.

Lastly, ask for a receipt with a list that includes the labor and material charges.

About the Author:

Ivan Herrera has worked as a journalist in San Antonio since 2016. His work for KSAT 12 and includes covering breaking news of the day, as well as producing Q&As and content for the "South Texas Pride" and "KSAT Money" series.