‘Everything is just gone’: Three families displaced after massive fire destroys multiple homes and vehicles

Investigators believe an unauthorized burn to be cause

SOMERSET, TEXAS – Three families were forced out of their homes following a massive fire in Somerset over the weekend. Multiple fire crews from surrounding areas arrived to J and M Lane just off FM 476 on Sunday night.

Families who lived in the area were evacuated from their homes as the fire began to spread. According to the Atascosa County Fire Marshal, five homes and nine vehicles were destroyed.

Although two of the homes were vacant, Leslie Ramos said she was taking care of her baby when her husband rushed to tell her a neighboring home was on fire.

“We go outside we see just flames going higher and higher,” she said.

Ramos said the property belongs to her husbands family and other family members lived in neighboring homes.

She said in just a matter of hours everything they had was gone.

“It’s just a horrible feeling. My in-laws they raised their nine kids there. They raised their grandkids there, and now everything is just gone,” Ramos said.

Ramos is thankful no one was hurt and hopes they can rebuild what was lost.

The fire marshal said someone was burning trash nearby when a piece got away and that’s when the fire started.

The county was recently on a 60-day burn ban, but that expired on April 11.

The investigation into the fire is ongoing.

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