Family outraged after son endured six months of bullying at Floresville school

Community pushing Floresville ISD to take action

FLORESVILLE, Texas – Tyra Mosier says her 12-year-old son has been a victim of bullying for the past six months at Floresville Middle School.

Mosier’s son, Jordan Wilcox, has been coming home every day mentally defeated and, in many cases, physically assaulted by another student at his school, his mother says.

“Every day that Jordan came home, he gradually was more and more upset. So passing in the hallways, he would be trapped. He had his Chromebook knocked out of his hands, his hair pulled and continuously spit on,” said Mosier.

Mosier said she immediately reached out to the school back in October when the first incident took place and spoke with the assistant principal.

“I reported that Jordan had been spit on and called a fagot and I had the photo of the dried spit in his hair but because my son was afraid to give her his name, she said that she can’t do anything,” said Mosier.

On Friday, Mosier was joined by a group of parents and other students who said they also have been victims of bullying at the school.

Savannah Sandoval, a student within the Floresville school district, said she’s also been bullied and Floresville ISD have not acted in the matter.

“No matter how many times I went to the counselor or told my parents, nothing was done about it. They couldn’t really care less,” said Sandoval.

Mosier said she has been tirelessly attempting to communicate with the school district and nothing has been done.

“His bully would tell him to kill himself,” said Mosier.

Superintendent Jason Gilstrap declined an on-camera interview but did provide the following statement:

“Any time we are made aware of concerns about a student’s personal safety, interventions are provided immediately. Administrators and counselors communicate with parents and provide support through individual counseling sessions, group sessions as well as create individual safety plans for students. As the new superintendent at Floresville ISD, I will continue to focus on the physical and social and emotional wellbeing of students and staff. I will be reviewing district practices and procedures regarding bullying. It is always my goal to improve practices in order to provide the best experiences for our students,” Gilstrap said.

Floresville ISD said it was aware of an altercation involving Jordan Wilcox and made the following statement:

“FISD is aware of an altercation that took place at Floresville Middle School on April 13. We are in communication with the parents involved. Administration is currently reviewing new information received from the parents and are continuing to investigate actions leading up to the incident. The safety of FISD students is always our priority and issues affecting students’ personal safety and wellbeing are not taken lightly. Floresville ISD has a process in place to investigate and document any and all allegations of bullying and encourages students, parents and staff to report unacceptable behavior to campus administrators and teachers. Reports can also be made using StayALERT, a bilingual, confidential website, e-mail, phone and texting avenue for students, teachers, staff, parents and community members to be able to confidentially report unsafe behaviors.”

In response to the superintendents and the districts statements, Mosier said the school had months to improve the situation for her son.

“This is a district-wide problem, bullying. They say they take bullying seriously, that’s a joke, because if they did, then why was nothing done in October, November, December, January, February, March or even April,” said Mosier.

FISD said bullying or other unacceptable behavior can be reported at or

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