‘Help is on the way’: A San Antonio nonprofit is raising money to help India in the fight against COVID-19

SAINA raising money to help medical facilities in India and provide hygiene kits to the most vulnerable

SAN ANTONIO – The COVID-19 pandemic is raging through India and hospitals are at capacity with people who have contracted the deadly virus. However, a local nonprofit organization is stepping in to help.

“When I see these images from the COVID-19 pandemic in India, it’s heartbreaking,” said Missam Merchant, president of San Antonio Indian Nurses Association or SAINA.

According to Johns Hopkins University & Medicine, more than 17,000,000 cases have been reported of COVID-19 and more than 195,000 people have died in India, according to Johns Hopkins University & Medicine.

Merchant, who serves as a hospital supervisor at a health care system in San Antonio, said he was motivated to help because she has family and friends in India. He said something has to be done to help people in India immediately.

“We are urging folks to consider any donation that they think is possible for them,” Merchant said.

SAINA is raising money to help medical facilities collect Personal Protective Equipment and other items.

According to Merchant, the money will also go to providing hygiene kits to the most vulnerable people.

“In the last two years, San Antonio Indian Association has worked tirelessly to serve the community of San Antonio,” Merchant said.

In a statement, The White House said it is working around the clock to deploy available resources and supplies to India. Merchant said that gives him and organization members hope.

“It gives us a hope that, yes, the administration is going to do something. The next week or two is going to be very critical in seeing if that deployment actually happens,” Merchant said.

Merchant said he has a message to those waiting for assistance.

“Hang in there, help is on the way,” Merchant said.

To learn more, click here and to donate, click here.

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