State district judge urges no bond for domestic violence re-offenders

Judge Velia Meza says options are available

SAN ANTONIO – Following the shooting death of a young mother of three children as she prepared to take them to school on Monday, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus called the system that allows repeat domestic violence offenders to remain free on bond “flawed.”

The woman’s ex-husband, who has a criminal history of domestic violence, was questioned by police. No arrests have been made.

On Wednesday, State District Judge Velia Meza said domestic violence re-offenders should be jailed without bond until their trial. Meza said that a law enacted in 2008 allows it.

“We see it every single day .. we are supervising offenders who are awaiting trial and they are on bond and they are re-offending the same person,” Meza said.

She said options are available.

”There is some room for the judges to use their discretion to contact hearings and make a determination whether this person should continue on bond”, Meza said.

She added that denying bond is getting push back from defense attorneys. And an appeals court opinion is also making it more challenging.

But with domestic violence victims top of mind, it is a challenge Meza said she is willing to take on.

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