New downtown homeless resource hub to provide a range of essential services to community members

The downtown homeless resource hub has served over 80,000 meals

San Antonio – The City of San Antonio’s homeless downtown resource hub is moving to the new Corazon Day Center and Resource Hub.

The hub will now be located at 504 Avenue E on the campus of Grace Lutheran Church.

“The city as an entity can’t address homelessness by ourself. And the fact that community partners, such as Corazon San Antonio, has stepped up to take this on more long term -- that’s what it’s about,” said Morjoriee White, the homeless administrator for the City of San Antonio’s Department of Human Services.

Corazon San Antonio was founded in 1999 and provides different resources to the community.

“We had a day center from 1999 to 2008, very similar to what we are reopening today. That closed when Haven for Hope opened because they wanted to consolidate all services into one location,” said Gavin Rogers, executive director of Corazon San Antonio.

The new resource hub will provide meals, access to showers and case managers.

“A case management for street outreach that people need to receive aid, recovery or access to different various forms of transitional housing,” Rogers said.

Last year, the city partnered with different organizations and set up resource hubs to help the homeless community. The hubs were a response to shelters and food pantries being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve served over 80,000 meals. Hundreds of folks have gotten IDs through the SAPD’s HOPE Team. And an ID is such an important asset, because without it, you can’t get into housing, you can’t get a job,” White said.

White said the resource hub, which was an immediate response to assist the homeless community amid the COVID-19 pandemic, is now moving to a more long-term initiative.

The new facility will be open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“We know folks are going to come in for food. That’s an opportunity for engagement. That’s an opportunity to assess their needs, talk to them, build rapport, built trust, figure out what are their goals and how we can help them achieve it,” White said.

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