Caught on camera: Amazon delivery driver in San Antonio goes viral on TikTok for killing pesky spider

San Antonio woman is searching for the driver who helped her

TikTok goes viral after San Antonio Amazon delivery driver helps kill a spider for a customer. (Gwen Sanchez , KSAT 12)

SAN ANTONIO – Is there anything Amazon delivery drivers won’t do? From package placement requests to celebratory dancing - Amazon drivers are true MVPs.

Now a delivery driver in San Antonio is going viral for helping out a customer who needed a little exterminating.

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Gwen Sanchez, whose story is getting national attention thanks in part to TMZ, posted a photo and video to Facebook of a spider hanging out by her doorbell.

“I noticed the spider around 7 a.m. Monday, it crawled across my camera,” Sanchez told KSAT

On Tuesday, she posted an update in her spider saga showing a note she left for an Amazon delivery driver requesting that the driver put her package by the garage because of a “huge spider” on her porch “who is refusing to leave.”

“I’m too scared to go out my front door,” Gwen wrote in the delivery instructions. “If you could kill the spider for me that would be amazing. Thank you!”

Turns out she had a hero driver because her doorbell camera captured him delivering her package Tuesday afternoon and then searching for said spider. He found it pretty quickly based on the video and called it a “big ol’ thing” before giving it two whacks with his shoe and heading back to his route.

Gwen then took to TikTok and stitched the photo and videos together in an effort to find the driver so she can thank him.

Be advised: There is explicit language used in song in the TikTok video.

Sanchez says she’s still looking for the driver who helped her with her spider problem but cheekily added “rest in peace to the spider and my thoughts will be with their family.”


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