Netflix offering video games in 2022

The popular streaming service does not plan to charge extra for access to the games

Netflix is the king of streaming with more than 200 million subscribers but now it appears the platform has set its sights on dominating a new form of entertainment: video games.

The company will offer video games on its service within the next year, according to a report by Bloomberg.

The outlet says video games will appear as a new genre on the platform, similar to documentaries and stand-up specials.

Bloomberg didn’t get into specifics, but reported Netflix (NFLX) doesn’t plan on charging extra for access to the games.

Video games may seem like an odd match for Netflix, but with competitors like Disney (DIS) quickly catching up, Netflix is looking to see if it can do to video games, what it did to Hollywood.

Video games are not only part of a multi-billion dollar empire, but offering them could give Netflix its next big thing — something critics say it needs right now.

Disney and Comcast’s NBCUniversal have multiple ways to make money, such as selling Iron Man toys and Jurassic Park theme park rides, so the companies’ revenue streams are not intrinsically tied to their new streaming ventures, Disney+ and Peacock.

However, that’s not the case for Netflix.

The company’s primary revenue driver is tied to every subscriber it brings in.

So far, business has been booming in that department, leading it to the top of the streaming mountain.

But, it’s growth is starting to look a tad sluggish of late.

Netflix has been looking to diversify, and video games could be a smart way to do that.

The world of gaming isn’t completely alien to Netflix.

The company announced a video game based on its hit original series “Stranger Things” in 2019.

Netflix has proven time and time again that it can find success by offering its customers new forms of entertainment.

In the past, other companies have tried — and failed — to make streaming video games work.

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