Lizzo gives TikTok love to KSAT news producer with dueted video

KSAT producer feeling ‘Good As Hell’ after TikTok love from rap superstar

Singer Lizzo and KSAT news producer Alexsis Page (Getty Images)

SAN ANTONIO – A KSAT news producer is getting some TikTok fame after her hot take was shared by singer, songwriter and rap superstar Lizzo.

Lizzo made headlines recently for speaking out against hateful comments she has received on social media.

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The Grammy winner recently shared an Instagram Live video where she explained that despite putting out positivity in the world, people still have mean things to say about her, including commenting on her weight.

Cue Alexsis Page, a KSAT news producer who is a big fan of Lizzo and has had enough of the body shaming.

Page took to TikTok on Monday to share her opinions about the live-action remake of Disney’s 1997 movie “Hercules” after another TikTok user shared her casting ideas for the muses saying she thinks Lizzo should be cast as the full-bodied muse, Thalia.

While Page doesn’t have beef with the original person who shared her thoughts, she does have some strong opinions on why Lizzo was chosen as Thalia.

“This pisses me off, people saying Lizzo should be Thalia makes no sense. The only reason people are saying that is because Lizzo is a bigger girl,” Page said in the TikTok. She makes the point that she thinks Lizzo is more suited to play the muse Terpsichore.

Page points out that Lizzo’s vocal register more closely matches with LaChanze, the original voice of Terpsichore in the original movie.

You can watch the full TikTok below. Please be advised there is graphic language in the video:


##duet with @alexsispage I’m 5’9 🧍🏾‍♀️

♬ original sound - Alexsis Page

Page said she made the original TikTok because of her passion for representation in film.

“A few years ago when they announced the ‘Hercules’ live-action movie I saw a lot of people on Twitter saying Lizzo would be good for the role of Thalia. So now, when it started trending again, I really got mad and felt like someone had to point out why she’d be better as a different muse,” Page said.

Lizzo clearly agrees with Page’s take. She dueted the video on TikTok and shared it to her page on Tuesday where it currently has nearly 6 million views in just 12 hours.

“I recorded the video Monday morning. Shortly after I recorded it, I realized she duetted it when I was going through my TikTok notifications and some commented that she duetted my video,” said Page.

“Lizzo songs are always so catchy and positive which is 100% my style. And as a bigger girl myself, when I first found her, I thought it was cool she didn’t look like other pop/R&B singers,” Page said. “Then when I found out she wrote all her own music, I become even more impressed and it’s only grown since she’s become more mainstream.”

Since Page spends her days immersed in breaking news and focused on writing stories about serious topics like crime, COVID-19 and social issues, TikTok has been a great after-work outlet. Page has posted many “diversity movie reviews” where she rates movies based on the diversity of their casts. Many of her videos have garnered positive reactions, but this video has surpassed her expectations. And getting some TikTok love from Lizzo has her feeling ‘Good as Hell.’

“I just want her to be the muse that will best show off her talents,” Page said.

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