This new app will let you know how your cat is feeling

With a high-quality photo, the result should be very accurate

“Is my cat happy?” -- that’s a question that has been haunting feline owners since forever, but now that question can be answered.

You only need a phone with a camera and an app called “Tably.” It’s a new app that can help you figure out if your cat is upset or happy.

Here’s how it works:

Simply use your smartphone camera to take a picture of your furry friend and the app will use artificial intelligence to decode its mood.

The app uses the feline grimace scale, which is used by scientists to figure out pain in animals based on their facial expressions.

A scientist can score the expressions both in real-time or from pictures based on whisker changes, ear positions, and more.

For the best results, make sure you capture a clean, well-lit photograph of your cat’s face.

If you have a high-quality photo, the result should be very accurate.

You can start snapping those purrfect pictures right meow and find out how your cat is feeling.

“Tably” is on its Beta version and is available for IOS and Android users.

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