NEISD adds patrol to ‘dangerous’ intersection outside LEE High School

The intersection of Jackson Keller and Montview has some worried

SAN ANTONIO – The intersection of Jackson Keller and Montview is located just outside LEE High School. Despite school zone signs, some worry that traffic is getting out of hand.

Hilary Ross said her daughter attends the International School of the Americas, which is located within LEE High School. Ross said during the first week of drop off, she spotted a number of issues, including drivers making wrong turns, students dodging passing cars, and drivers attempting to direct traffic.

She said other parents share the same concern.

“Better get here early and don’t get hit,” Ross said.

There have not been any reports of of people being struck by cars, according to the San Antonio Police Department. However, the North East Side Independent School District is aware traffic can be an issue.

An NEISD spokeswoman said there is only one way for entering traffic and one way for exiting traffic on the campus. An NEISD police officer began patrolling the intersection on the second week of school.

The school district, however, still wants to remind drivers to be aware of their surroundings.

Jack DeForrest is the executive director of transportation at NEISD. He encourages people to be vigilant and patient when driving through school zones.

“Give some space and some time. Typically those school zones aren’t more than a couple of hundred yards long. So if drivers can just slow down, it’s not a big delay in their morning commute and it could save a child’s life,” he said.

NEISD will continue to monitor the intersection and if the situation does not improve, they will continue to look at other options.

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