San Antonio solar company optimistic for future amid President Biden’s goals for clean energy

Big Sun Solar is bringing solar power to businesses, community

SAN ANTONIO – The Biden administration has lofty goals when it comes to the future of clean energy and the administration has released a blueprint showing how the nation could move toward producing almost half of its electricity from the sun by 2050.

Big Sun Solar is a San Antonio solar energy company and they said they have a mission to bring solar power to the masses.

“Back in 2015-2016 my co-founder Robert and I were really looking for a way to lower the cost of solar so we could bring it to more people in San Antonio. And that’s what we’re doing. So we’re looking for innovative ways to bring solar to not only commercial, but also residential customers. We want to see as much solar in the community as possible,” Jason Pittman, co-founder and president of Big Sun Solar said.

It’s not just solar panels on homes, there are also car ports with dozens of panels at commercial businesses like at Cavendar vehicle dealerships.

“The sunlight hits the solar panels, turns it into electricity. That electricity is then sent to the building where the building consumes it and then offsets the energy usage and the amount of energy they buy from the local utility,” Pittman said.

In terms of the future of solar power in the country and the Biden administration’s goals, Big Sun Solar said they are very optimistic.

“Well, obviously, I got very excited. I mean, the solar industry, it’s ambitious, but I think San Antonio is positioned to take advantage of it. If you look at San Antonio and you look at our local utility, CPS energy, they really have incentivized not only household but businesses to adopt solar. You know, if we were having this conversation six years ago, you know, the early adopters were interested in the environmental benefits, which we obviously believe in. But people buying solar today, they’re really interested in the financial returns, the financial benefits. Solar is a great product. It’s a great investment,” Pittman said.

And Pittman said San Antonio is way ahead of the curve when it comes to solar power and renewable energy.

“Number one is because CPS energy supports solar, customer owned solar. Not only do they provided incentive, but they make it easier to interconnect. So San Antonio has you know, we’ve been preparing for 10 years for this plan and I think that we’re well on our way to achieving it,” Pittman said.

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