Number of migrants arriving at Del Rio border crossing increases to 10K+, mayor says

Officials express concerns over influx of people at the border

DEL RIO, Texas – Rep. Tony Gonzales shared new images from Del Rio on his social media profiles as the number of migrants waiting under the international bridge continues to rise.

Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano said the tally stands at 10,503 migrants, many of them Haitian.

U.S. Border Patrol agents stationed there were left overwhelmed with processing the massive crowds. More manpower is expected for the area.

Del Rio’s mayor says many of these migrants are expected to stay in the area between seven and 15 days minimum.

Val Verde Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez expressed concerns about the increase of people coming through the border.

“The situations that our agents, our Border Patrol agents, are working under are not good. There’s a safety issue. There’s a health issue involved also,” Martinez said.

The City of San Antonio said many of the asylum-seeking migrants who cross into the U.S. in Del Rio travel through the Alamo City to get to their final destination.

That destination is often with other family members or a sponsor who houses them until their asylum case can be heard in court.

San Antonio’s immigration liaison noted there have been other times in the past year when the city has experienced “mini surges of migrants coming from the Del Rio/Eagle Pass area.” But that does not seem to be the case at this moment in San Antonio.

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