Comal ISD student assaulted at his high school’s front doors, family says

The student’s parents now want the student responsible to be removed from campus

COMAL COUNTY, Texas – Sophomore Andy Scott, 15, was beaten up and hospitalized after an altercation at Smithson Valley High School, according to his parents.

The incident happened on September 20, while kids were waiting to be picked up. According to Scott’s parents, Andy has special needs, and on that day, there was no adult supervision of the students after class got out.

According to the Comal County Sheriff’s Office’s witness statement, Andy suffered a concussion, swelling in the rib area, and a fracture to the face per medical records. The statement went on to say the altercation started because Andy said hi to a girl, and the girl’s brother and Andy had words.

Then, the brother told Andy to go speak to his friend, who then started hitting him, according to the sheriff’s office.

“The violence in the way that he’s hitting… it makes you sick. Had somebody been at that front door, had somebody been watching over those kids, at least maybe half the time, he wouldn’t have gotten beaten...,” said Andy’s mom Betty, referring to a video of the fight.

The Scotts now want the student responsible to be punished and removed from campus. They tell us the district told them the student would not be removed from the campus but had been punished. As to what that punishment was, the Scotts were not told.

“The other student got disciplined but we’re not allowed to know what the discipline was and that he, oh the superintendent, said he was not going to be removed. So basically you’re not going to do anything. You’re not going to remove him and you’re not handling your business,” said Betty.

The Scotts have sent the district a letter from a therapist that states, “Andy exhibited signs of trauma, not being able to make eye contact for their entire 60-minutes session.”

The therapist’s recommendation was to “physically and permanently remove any individuals who have been involved” in Andy’s incident.

We reached out to Comal ISD and they sent us this statement:

“The district can confirm that there was an altercation involving two students on September 20 and that appropriate disciplinary measures have been taken.”

We sent follow-up questions but have not heard back yet. The Scotts also filed a report with the Comal County Sheriff’s Office.

The video of the fight is now in the hands of their district attorney and they’re waiting to see what charges will be handed down.

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