Plans for Northwest Side ATM burglary thwarted by muddy ground

Would-be burglar ran off leaving truck running

SAN ANTONIO – Someone who had plans to break into an ATM at a Northwest Side bank ran into a sticky problem, namely muddy ground.

From the splattered mud that covered the bank machine and everything around it, it was clear that the soggy soil was a frustration for the crook.

San Antonio police responded to the Generations Federal Credit Union, in the 6000 block of NW Loop 410 Thursday morning after getting a call from a neighbor around 6 a.m.

At the back of the bank building, they found a white pickup with its engine still running.

A metal chain stretched from the back of the truck to the body of the ATM and wrapped around it.

Police say the would-be burglar had been trying to use the truck to pull the cash machine off its base.

Instead, that person managed to rip open the front housing of the machine.

However, police say it does not appear that person was able to get any of the money inside it.

The truck, it seems, was spinning its wheels in the mud, which caused it to spray and cover everything nearby.

Police searched both on the ground and from the sky in their helicopter for the burglar but did not find anyone.

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