New evidence submitted in RC Curtis murder trial

SAN ANTONIO – Both sides were back in court in a murder case turned mistrial, with one party presenting new evidence on Thursday.

RC Curtis is accused of killing his wife’s grandmother, Paula Boyd, in 2015. Last month, his case was declared a mistrial after the state presented two DVDs as evidence.

The defense argued it showed the possibility that more suspects could be involved, which could have exonerated Curtis.

During the virtual hearing, the state submitted new blood evidence from the medical examiner. The judge wants the defense to have access to the evidence.

“All of the information that they need, so that Mr. Curtis -- so that the state and the defense can have a fair trial. That’s all this is about,” Judge Stephanie Boyd said during the hearing.

Boyd made it clear that the state must submit all available evidence by Monday.

Boyd will decide whether the case will be dismissed or retried.


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