26th annual Celebracion a la Virgen de Guadalupe exhibit showcases local artwork

Visitors can explore significance of Latin Aamerican cultural icon at Centro Cultural Aztlan

SAN ANTONIO – A nonprofit arts organization began celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe 26 years ago and this year its art exhibit continues with pieces by San Antonio artists.

“She’s a religious icon in Mexico. She appeared to Juan Diego. But in the United States and in our Mexican-American communities, she’s a secular icon. She’s a source of inspiration for protection, comfort,” said Malena Gonzalez-Cid, executive director of Centro Cultural Aztlan.

Colorful paintings and artwork fill the Centro Cultural Aztlan gallery, located on 1800 Fredericksburg Road for the 26th Annual Celebracion a la Virgin de Guadalupe.

“Our mission is to promote, maintain and develop Chicano, Latino and indigenous art and culture,” Gonzalez-Cid said.

The exhibit opened on Sunday Dec. 12.

“I believe that through the interpretation of the artists, her image has grown and filtered through many communities and throughout the United States and around the world,” Gonzalez-Cid said.

The exhibit also includes sculptures and an art installation by a local floral designer.

“Many Mexican-Americans that are Catholics here in San Antonio believe she’s very, she’s a very breathing living icon for them. So, when we present her, we present her in a very reverend way, very respectful way,” Gonzalez-Cid said.

Visitors can visit the gallery from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday and on Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It will reopen from Jan. 3 to 13.

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