South Texas Blood and Tissue Center continues to host blood drives, ask for donors

Blood Center has not reached its goal; is offering donation incentives

SAN ANTONIO – It’s the season of giving and the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center needs your help.

“We’d love to see a seven-day supply of blood. That’s our goal. It would be great if we could at least have three days. But unfortunately, right now we’re hovering at about a two-day supply, which is really scary for our community,” said Francine Pina, public relations manager for South Texas Blood and Tissue Center.

All month long, the blood center has held several events to try to reach their goal.

“Fortunately, people did come out. We just need, we still need more donors to come out,” Pina said.

The blood center has been battling low blood supply levels all year.

Pina said blood is needed in many situations.

“It goes to surgeries, it goes to car accident victims, women that are having babies and during labor and delivery, they may need blood transfusions,” Pina said.

This holiday season, the blood center is not slowing down and will continue to offer incentives.

“We’ve partnered with Santikos and we’re hosting blood drives at their locations this weekend, New Year’s weekend and will be giving away free movie tickets,” Pina said.

Next month they will be giving away free ice cream and a shirt from the blood center.

“We need to see about 200 more donors a day to be able to rebuild and sustain our blood supply,” Pina said.

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