Geekdom offers COVID-19 tests for employees, staff as omicron cases climb

Community Labs testing 50 to 100 people weekly at Geekdom

SAN ANTONIO – As omicron cases continue to climb, San Antonio businesses are making sure their staff and clients are feeling safe by offering COVID testing.

At Geekdom, a co-working space downtown, COVID testing conducted by Community Labs is offered weekly to staff and members.

“Typically within 24 hours, you have your results and you know whether or not you’re safe to continue to come back to work, be around family members and all different kinds of things,” said Geekdom CEO Charles Woodin.

Community Labs has been doing COVID testing at Geekdom since August 2020 and is currently testing 50 to 100 people weekly.

“It has been a game changer to prevent community spread within our organization, within our companies that occupy our space,” Woodin said.

Following the winter break, Community Labs CEO Sal Webber said they expect to see a spike in positivity cases.

“We normally see spikes in positivity once people have been indoors for events such as Christmas or Thanksgiving and with omicron we’re expecting this to be a big one,” Webber said.

Community Labs conducts weekly PCR tests at businesses and local school districts.

“We’ve grown our footprint to reach over 300 campuses and businesses across Bexar County, as far south as Laredo. Everyone uses us for what’s called assurance testing. They’re looking for confidence that the people that are coming to work or to school are healthy and safe, for those who test positive then they can go into quarantine. And overall, when you do this every week, that reduces the spread,” Webber said.

With COVID tests hard to come by, Geekdom member Daniel Leal said he is happy to have this testing option available.

“I’m really, really glad that it’s offered here as an option. It’s very hard to get testing done right now,” Leal said.

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