Unsure on what to tip? Here are some guidelines for tipping

Think about people providing a service for you

ORLANDO, Fla. – Tipping can be a toss up when it comes to who and how much you should give.

As for who should receive a tip — the etiquette pros say think about the people providing a service for you in key areas of your personal lives.

That could be anyone from a nanny to a doorman, a housekeeper to a hair stylist.

And depending on where you live, there may be service providers unique to the area and its weather. Someone who clears your driveway of snow in colder regions is in line for a tip, as is the person cleaning your pool in warmer regions.

When it comes to what amount to give, a good place to start is with an amount equivalent to the cost of one service provided by the person. And if you feel as though he or she goes above and beyond, you can increase the amount from there.

There are professions where tipping is not a good idea. Teachers are one group to avoid individual tips; it’s better to go with a gift for the class depending on the school’s policies.

And mail carriers operate under rules from the US Postal Service. Carriers cannot accept cash, but gifts up to $20 are permitted.

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