Tech SA: San Antonio company developing video game as way for Air Force to train, recruit service members

Game will also be used for commercial airlines to recruit pilots

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio company is developing a video game to help train and recruit service members.

Game developers and designers with The IMG Studio have been creating its video game for about a year.

“You’re going to actually build an airplane. So, you’re going to put the wings on the fuselage, you’re going to put the payload on it, and then you’re going to try to fly the plane,” James Chandler, chief technology officer with The IMG Studio said.

The company won an Air Force contract to develop the game as a way to train and recruit service members.

Chandler said it will also help pilots and engineers.

“(It will help) people that are working on the plane, maintaining the plane,” Chandler said.

They also teamed up with New York company Pilot Pipeline to broaden the reach of the game. It will also be used for commercial airlines to recruit pilots.

“In the next 20 years, there’s going to be about 500,000 or half a million pilots that need to be on the commercial side. We’re not even talking the Air Force that need to be recruited. So, this is going to be a powerful tool for the commercial side as well,” Chandler said.

Other projects The IMG Studio has been involved with include creating applications for the San Antonio Humane Society and the San Antonio Food Bank.

They hope to complete a video game prototype in 15 months.

“We hope that we get a lot of recruitment for the Air Force and the commercial side of things,” Chandler said.

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