City of Kerrville prepares for winter weather blast

The executive director of public works and city engineer says they’ve prepared their water system to ensure it’ll meet demand.

KERRIVILLE – As a blast of winter weather heads towards Kerrville, city officials say they’re more than prepared.

”We have our trucks ready to go with deicer for our bridges, they’re all gassed up,” Stuart Barron, the executive director of public works and city engineer, said.

Ahead of the expected frost, some bridges and overpasses were pretreated, but Barron explained that only lasts for a limited amount of time.

The city’s two trucks are ready to lay down a salt mixture to help cars with traction starting at 4 a.m.

“We’re very limited in the number of bridges that we’re going to treat, or that we think we’re going to need to treat,” Barron said.

Due to the fact resources are limited, Police Chief Chris McCall is asking drivers to reconsider leaving their homes.

”Roads get slicker, we ask folks to have patience,” McCall said. “Have patience as you move down the roadway, give yourself plenty of space. If you don’t have to travel, don’t.”

A gas station along the main town strip was busy around 5 p.m.

Some drivers were filling up their cars and additional gas cannisters, while others were loading coolers with ice and other grocery items.

”We have, we have a few things stocked up and some water sitting in the garage. Bring all of it in tonight and make sure we’re good to go,” Brandon Spurny, a Kerrville resident said.

Kerrville ISD is one of several districts who announced no school Thursday.

The fire chief, Eric Maloney, explained they’re working with other departments, hospitals, even a church to set up a warming shelter.

”Anyone is welcome to go, it’ll shelter about 500 people there for the day,” Maloney said.

The church, First United Methodist located at 321 Thompson Dr., will open at 8 a.m. until dark Thursday and Friday.

All of this to be ready for whatever the winter blast brings.

“We’ve been prepared after last year’s response to winter storm Uri and since then we’ve made the right preparations,” Maloney said.

The city engineer said this year, they’re recommending people insulate their pipes rather than let their indoor faucets drip.

He said to open up your cabinets so your pipes don’t freeze.

If you do need to head out in the morning, the Kerr County Sheriff says to check to make sure road conditions are safe.

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