View photos of ice, sleet and snow from KSAT viewers

Light ice accumulation seen in KSAT viewing area

Cardinal sits on possumhaw berries near Bandera Pass in Northern Bandera County during freeze in early February 2022. (Sharon Draker , KSAT 12)

SAN ANTONIO – The weather is the big story of the day and freezing temperatures in the KSAT viewing area have also brought icicles, among other things.

Through Friday morning, temperatures will be in the teens and 20s, with winds from the north at 15-25 mph, gusting up to 35 mph.

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“By around midday (Friday), temperatures are expected to rise above freezing in San Antonio. Another hard freeze is expected Saturday morning,” KSAT meteorologist Justin Horne said Thursday of the San Antonio area.

KSAT viewers have shared some of their winter weather photos on KSAT PINS:

Two cardinals on Possumhaw Berries near Bandera Pass. (Sharon Draker/KSAT Viewer)

Beauty in the simple things - Timberwood Park

San Antonio

Some snow and ice in the lawn

Round Rock
C Clear Photography

Brrrrrrr it's cold 🥶

San Antonio

Feb 3 2022 Back yard palm 🌴 with icicles.

San Antonio

Redbird Ranch

San Antonio

My Stone Oak/Timberwood Park back yard. Praying that tree branch holds out but at least it’s over open lawn.

San Antonio

Kerrville this morning. From KSAT viewer, Kyle.

Mike Jones

Freezing rain in Leon Springs. 29°

Mike Jones

Leon Springs. 29°

Loving this weather from Junction Texas 2/3/22


Icy & cold temps in Helotes today


When you forget to bring your plants in!

San Antonio

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