Burbank High School history teacher Amanda Neary is KSAT’s Educator of the Month

Her history course is part of SAISD’s International Baccalaureate program

She is a history teacher at Burbank High School and she says her goal is to make sure her students succeed.

We are talking about Amanda Neary and she is KSAT’s Educator of the Month.

Neary said her career path wasn’t always in education, but after working outside of the field, she said she knows that teaching is her greatest love.

”I went to school for it and then I took a break and worked in a law office,” Neary said. “I worked in a hotel for a little while and then realized that there’s nothing else I really loved as much as teaching.”

Neary’s history course is part of the San Antonio Independent School District’s International Baccalaureate program.

”These kids have worked harder than probably most students in the same program have in the past,” Neary said. “Last year was really hard. They (the students) weren’t in here. They were virtual and they’ve had to learn kind of everything from last year and then also this year. So, I’m very proud of them.”

While Neary said she is honored to be recognized in this way, she says it’s her students that keep her motivated to do her best.

”I think that teachers are good teachers when they’re here for the kids and for no other reason,” said Neary. “I’m here. I work hard for them because I want them to succeed.”

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