🤖Kids wanna know: How do you create a robot? How does Artificial Intelligence work?

Elementary students interview GroundWOW’s Chief Commercial Officer David Pritchard

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Hey kids! Have you ever seen a robot in a movie or on a TV show and wondered about all the work it takes to create one?

Well, guess what? In today’s improving technology world, robots are in fact real and someone out there had to design them!

In this week’s KSAT Kids edition of “Kids Wanna Know,” elementary students interviewed GroundWOW’s Chief Commercial Officer David Pritchard.

Based in the United Kingdom, GroundWOW is a company that produces and operates autonomous robotics -- robots that print on surfaces, primarily sports surfaces.

In this interview, David answers students’ questions about the field of robotics, sports-field printing, running a start-up and more.

Fast Facts

During the interview, the interested students asked a lot of questions. You can watch the extended interview shorts for even more from the interview below:

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