SAISD approves pay raises up to 3% for full-time staff

Part-time staff and substitute teachers are also included in pay raises

The San Antonio Independent School District’s board of trustees approved raises of up to 3% for full-time staff — a higher-than-recommended increase.

The raises, which are based on a tier system, were approved Monday night along with increases in part-time pay and altered substitute rates. The new compensation plans are expected to go into effect on or after July 1, before the 2022-2023 school year starts on Aug. 16.

According to the district, the raises for full-time employees were based on a tiered increase of 3%-2%-1%:

  • Full-time campus personnel and district staff making less than $100,000 base pay will get a 3% raise.
  • Campus administration like principals, associate principals, assistant principals, network principals and network associate principals will get a 2% raise.
  • Non-campus personnel earning $100,000 or more in base pay will get a 1% raise.

The recommended general pay increase for full-time staff was 2%, but district officials said they wanted to be able to keep “high-quality teachers in every classroom.”

Board President Christina Martinez said the district also wanted to show support to the staff, who are dealing with the effects of COVID-19 and the cost of inflation.

“We decided to move forward with a tiered general pay increase to give lower-wage earners and campus-based staff who work directly with students a larger percentage, while at the same time addressing community input and keeping overall wage costs lower than that same percentage would have done across-the-board,” Martinez in a news release. “We absolutely want to honor all of our staff, and therefore, we approved a raise for all employees at levels that would still allow us to be good financial stewards. We look forward to a time when our budget difficulties are behind us, and we can further show our appreciation with future increases.”

For part-time and substitute pay increases, the compensation plan includes:

  • An increase from $9.25 per hour to $12 per hour for general campus- and department-based positions.
  • An increase to $16 per hour for established part-time SEMS/SERS clerks and counseling clerks to align with the entry rate for non-exempt full-time positions.
  • The plan has different rates for certified, degreed, and non-degreed substitutes, based on high-need days such as Mondays and Fridays and in-demand campuses. A new substitute instructional assistant pay structure has different rates for special education versus general classrooms.

SAISD is still taking feedback in budget workshops. For more information, click here.

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