Fireworks stands in San Antonio busy ahead of the 4th of July

It’s illegal to light fireworks within San Antonio city limits, according to San Antonio police

SAN ANTONIO – It’s the season for fireworks in the San Antonio area as people celebrate the 4th of July.

“This is the coyote. This is one of the biggest and best that you can get,” Michael Martinez, with Mr. W Fireworks, said.

“Let’s get the best fireworks there is because the 4th of July comes once a year,” Don Campos said.

It’s been a constant stream of people at the Mr. W Firework shop. Everyone is stocking up to put on their own shows.

“He’s getting quite a few different. They have like combos and stuff, so getting some shots over there and some sparklers for this one,” Ryan Lomax said, talking about fireworks for his kids.

SAPD posted on social media to say fireworks are illegal within city limits.

San Antonio Fire Department added on to the post to remind people about the dangers of fireworks under these dry conditions, along with the increased risk of causing a fire.

Michael Martinez is an employee at Mr. W’s and said because of the conditions, bottle rockets are banned this year.

“It’s just the distances that they travel, and you don’t know if they’re still kind of, you know, lit when they land and they could cause some fires if it’s dry like it is right now,” Martinez said.

Martinez said they’re making sure their customers know how to light their fireworks in a safe way for their families and the environment.

“Safe area that is maybe not like a grassy area, like a, maybe like a driveway, a street per se, but if they do have like grassy areas to wet the land first a little bit,” Martinez said.

It’s to ensure everyone can responsibly celebrate the holiday.

“Have plenty of water hoses around us to make sure we can spray down all the fireworks and making sure all the kids are supervised,” Ryan Lomax said.

“Just be careful and popping in fireworks and have fun and enjoy everything that’s going on because safety comes first,” Campos said.

The City of San Antonio’s official firework display will be happening at 9 p.m. at Woodlawn Lake.

Boerne and Fredericksburg both canceled their firework displays just to be safe with the dry conditions.

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