Texas triple-digit heat brings rise in customers for businesses catering to crowds looking to cool down

SAN ANTONIO – Some San Antonio businesses are helping customers keep their cool during this heatwave amid triple-digit temperatures.

The Texas heat is driving many to a San Antonio favorite -- El Paraiso Ice Cream Shop on Fredericksburg Road.

“When it’s 100 to 103 (degrees), a lot more people start to come,” said Maria Elena Flores, owner of El Paraiso Ice Cream Shop.

Inflation forced her business to raise prices to 60 cents per paleta, but it’s still one of the best deals around town, with more than two dozen paleta flavors.

On the West Side, Los Cocos Fruteria owner Adriana Hage said people are looking for aguas frescas and fruit cups to cool down.

“People come out after they get off work, and they bring their families, their kids, and they get mangonadas, fresas con crema,” Hage said.

Santikos at Westlakes is also booming, says Andrew Brooks, executive director of sales and marketing. The renovations mean each seat has a cup holder that will keep your drink cool, refillable popcorn machines and temperatures as a chilly 68 degrees.

“We sell blankets. This is one of our most popular items during the summer. It’s so hot, but when you’re in here, it’s so cool,” Brooks said.

He said summer has been good for moviegoers with many new releases.

“The only thing hotter than this San Antonio weather has been the box office,” Brooks said.

One of the coolest places in San Antonio is the Ice & Golf Center at Northwoods, with a nippy 45 degrees or so, according to Tobin Wheeler, assistant manager. However, he said not enough people take advantage of it.

“Believe it or not, wintertime is the busiest,” Wheeler said.

For about $14 per person, the general public can cool off their feet between 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Businesses are trying to do the best they can while the mercury is still hot because when the temperatures drop, so does their customer base.


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