Meet the newest reporter at KSAT, Camelia Juarez

Camelia started at KSAT 12 in late May this year

Meet the newest reporter at KSAT 12, Camelia Juarez. (KSAT 12)

You’ve most likely seen journalist Camelia Juarez on-air and have read her articles on already.

That’s because Camelia worked at KSAT 12 as a news intern a few years ago and she has hit the ground running since her first day as a reporter.

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Camelia has brought us timely updates during broadcasts and written many local stories, including some reporting around education issues and the military community.

She’s a graduate of Texas State University and enjoys thrifting, roller skating and spending time with friends and family.

But I’ll let her tell you a little bit more about herself in this article (and feel free to leave a welcome message in the comments)!

When did you make your first on-air appearance as a KSAT news reporter?

On my first day! I was in the middle of training and then got called to breaking news. I was so nervous, but it went smoothly with the support of the team.

Camelia Juarez started as a news reporter at KSAT 12 in May 2022. (KSAT 12)

Tell us about where you’re from. Have you lived in San Antonio before?

This is my city! I grew up on the Northwest Side and graduated from O’Connor High School. My family’s roots are in the South Side and West Side.

How did you get your start in journalism?

My first story aired through my college radio station, 89.9 KTSW. If you are traveling to San Marcos or Austin, you can tune in. I grew up reading lots of books, journaling on my own and always looking for an excuse to talk to people.

Journalism was a way I could combine my love for all of the above!

What are you looking forward to the most about working at KSAT and living in San Antonio?

This isn’t my first time at KSAT. I was an Emma Bowen Foundation Fellow for KSAT, which means I was able to intern at KSAT full-time for two summers in college.

I know I’m a part of a dream team here that will continue to inspire me as a journalist.

And, as a San Antonio native, it’s a dream come true to be closer to my family and my roots.

Who inspires you the most today?

My little brother and little sister. They’re shamelessly authentic in who they are.

My sister chopped off her hair and even though some parts were uneven, she called it fashion, and my brother has coarse and unmanageable hair, but he wears it long because... well, it makes him happy.

They don’t waste energy worrying about other people’s opinions and instead embrace their truest selves.

Camelia Juarez started as a news reporter at KSAT 12 in May 2022. (KSAT 12)

What’s a unique San Antonio experience that you appreciate?

I love celebrating the First Friday of every month at Brick at Blue Star. I’m a huge supporter of local artists, so every month — if I’m not working — I try to make it out to see the new galleries and hear some live music.

And before COVID-19, some of the houses in the King William Historic District would open their homes for a more intimate gallery setting. It’s my favorite way to kick off a new month.

What’s a story that you’ve covered that you’re particularly proud of and why?

My first investigative story in Lubbock revealed why hundreds of people were in jail for weeks without an attorney. The county was switching to a new software handling all the court documents, but when it launched it wasn’t displaying the correct information.

Many of the people affected were experiencing poverty and didn’t have the means or understanding of how to get out of jail, especially without being assigned an attorney.

The experience taught me that some people live their life feeling abandoned by our government and it’s my job to remind others why they matter and why they cannot continue to be neglected.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I actually love being behind the camera! I love taking pictures on film, with my DSLR camera, and of course, on my phone.

Currently, I have 42,000 pictures and videos on my phone. All just random little things that caught my eye.

Camelia Juarez started as a news reporter at KSAT 12 in May 2022. (KSAT 12)

In what ways would you hope to shape the future of journalism?

I would like to do more stories focused on the solutions to problems. The news can be really draining because it’s all doom and gloom, but if we learn more about how people are trying to fix problems, it gives people some hope.

At the same time, journalists should make sure the solution is working and explain why it isn’t so that we can grow from there.

Anything else that you’d like KSAT viewers to know about you?

I love thrifting, antiques and local art. I love wearing and owning things that have had a history or a story before it was in my possession.

If you know any estate sales or places to find treasure, please let me know! I’m about it!

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