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San Antonio City Council to vote on whether to call on Clayton Perry to resign, ‘no-confidence’ measure

SAN ANTONIO – District 10 San Antonio Councilman Clayton Perry is currently facing charges for failure to stop and give information after a crash on Nov. 6.

Officials with the San Antonio Police Department have said they also plan to file an additional charge of Driving While Intoxicated.

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The San Antonio City Council passed a vote of “no-confidence” Monday regarding Perry and granted him a requested sabbatical. A temporary replacement will be appointed to his seat.

City Attorney Andy Segovia said the appointee would be able to serve through the rest of Perry’s term, which ends in early June 2023, or until Perry decides to return.

Perry has been on City Council since 2017. He won his 2021 nonpartisan election to the council with 54% of the vote —no other candidate received more than 30%. His current term is set to end next year.

On Monday, Perry read a statement saying he would not be resigning.

“I’ll be taking the appropriate measures as determined by medical professionals to ensure this will never, never happen again. I commit wholeheartedly to whatever course of action or rehabilitation they recommend,” Perry said.

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