Poll: Should San Antonio ban horse-drawn carriages?

Some City Council members want to transition program to pedicabs, electric carriages

Horse-drawn carriage in downtown San Antonio (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – Members of the San Antonio City Council this week submitted paperwork for a plan that would ban horse-pulled carriage rides.

Councilmembers Jalen McKeen Rodriguez of District 2 and Phyllis Viagran of District 3 cited “inhumane” treatment of the animals and a negative environmental impact due to increased traffic congestion as reasons to end the practice.

Adriana Rocha Garcia of District 4, Ana Sandoval of District 7 and Manny Pelaez of District 8 supported the Council Consideration Request. The downtown area lies within District 1.

The CCR calls for the phasing out of horse-drawn carriages and would prohibit the use of horses with carriage rides by the end of 2023. It would also establish a program to support workers in the transition to electric carriages and pedicabs.

McKee-Rodriguez and Viagran want to include the proposal on the agenda at the earliest governance committee meeting possible.

KSAT wants to know what you think about the proposal.

Should San Antonio ban horse-drawn carriages?

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