San Antonio Zoo getting ready for colder weather expected this week

Climate-controlled habitats being prepared

SAN ANTONIO – As we all get ready for the freezing temperatures later this week, so is the San Antonio Zoo.

After the winter storm in 2021, the zoo is more prepared now than ever.

The staff is making rounds and taking the necessary steps to protect the animals from the freezing weather.

“Everyone will, you know, check all the heaters, check the thermostat, make sure everything is set correctly, and we’ve got plenty of extra heaters that are on standby if needed,” said Rachel Malstaff, director of mammals for the zoo. “There’s a backup generator set up, so just that going through and making sure everything is in good working order.”

The staff is also prepping habitats with climate-controlled areas for animals needing heat access.

“The animals will have indoor access to go into the heated areas, and we have plenty of bedding to give them,” Malstaff said.

Even the hippos are ready with their heated pool that stays at a consistent temperature.

At this time, the San Antonio Zoo will maintain its seasonal operating hours and has no plans on closing.


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