San Antonio Zoo receives national award for successfully breeding endangered psychedelic rock gecko

Only 500 mature geckos are thought to still exist in the wild

San Antonio Zoo received a national Excellence in Breeding award for being the only known institution in the U.S. to successfully breed the endangered psychedelic rock gecko. (San Antonio Zoo)

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Zoo has been recognized by the Zoological Association of America for being the only known institution in the United States to successfully breed the endangered psychedelic rock gecko.

The zoo received a national award for Excellence in Breeding, according to a press release.

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This year, eleven baby geckos were hatched at the San Antonio Zoo — a record for the nonprofit.

“We are proud of the Ectotherms Team at San Antonio Zoo for these successful hatchings,” said Tim Morrow, President & CEO of San Antonio Zoo. “It is because of their experience, knowledge, and dedication that the Psychedelic Rock Gecko is getting a fighting chance again. To the team, this is more than an award but a path to securing a future for this beautiful species. Stop by and visit them in the Reptile House!”

The psychedelic rock gecko is an endangered species that is only found on two tiny Vietnamese islands. It’s believed that there are only about 500 mature geckos in the wild. They face threats including loss of habitat due to road development and the introduction of an invasive predator, the macaque, zoo officials said in a press release.

The San Antonio Zoo is the only known accredited institution to breed the species after receiving them from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

There are psychedelic rock geckos on display in the Reptile House at the zoo.

Click here to learn more about the zoo’s conservation efforts.

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