Free expungement program offers people opportunity to wipe records clean, deadline Feb. 1

San Antonio NAACP Branch partnering with Texas Legal Services Center to offer free expungement service before Feb. 1

SAN ANTONIOUPDATE: Texas Legal Services Center is no longer accepting expungement applications, as they have reached capacity. However, you may be able to clear an arrest record on your own using this free guide on TLSC’s website,


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Hundreds of people in Bexar County and surrounding areas may be eligible to have their criminal records wiped clean as the Texas Legal Services Center of Austin and the San Antonio NAACP Branch offer free expungement services.

“[It’s] Like being born again. What more can you ask for? The reason I did it is because I want to adopt my grandchildren,” said T.C., who is one of the hundreds of people to receive help from the expungement program team.

T.C. said an incident from 47 years ago is imposing challenges on his life today.

“When I was 15, they took me to the county jail and arrested me as an adult under the wrong name, and that’s on my record. So that’s stopping me from adopting my own grandchildren to give them a safe, secure future,” he shared.

The Texas Access to Justice Foundation awarded Texas Legal Services Center of Austin a $350,000 grant to give people a second chance.

“Oftentimes, people with criminal records have barriers to finding good employment and safe housing,” said Kevin Dietz, deputy director of Texas Legal Services Center.

The Bexar County District Attorney’s chief of litigation, Christian Henricksen, said there is a need for services like this to reintegrate people back into society.

“If we’re running a system in a way that’s keeping people from being able to get a job or to do the things that are going to allow them to be productive in society, that’s not good for the community,” Henricksen said.

It’s one reason the San Antonio NAACP branch partnered with Texas Legal Services Center to bring the expungement opportunity to Bexar County free of charge.

“Our goal in working with law enforcement is to create a better, safe community, but one in which that is void of disparities,” said San Antonio NAACP President Dr. Gregory Hudspeth.

For eligibility, you cannot be convicted, but there are certain circumstances for misdemeanors where you could still be eligible, and you must make below the federal poverty guideline. However, there are some ways people can qualify if they have medical needs, housing needs or other needs where income can be adjusted for eligibility.

Advocates are asking people to apply now because the grant supporting this program expires on Feb. 1.

“It is very rare that an opportunity like this comes forward in life, period. Take advantage of this opportunity. It may not come around again,” T.C. said.

To apply in person, visit the Barbara Jordan Community Center at 2803 East Commerce St, San Antonio, Texas 78203, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Click here to review the eligibility requirements for expungement in Texas.

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