Doctor weighs in on increase of respiratory tract viruses across San Antonio

While RSV and flu cases are waning, doctors are keeping a close watch on COVID cases.

San Antonio – A high number of flu cases are normal for this time of year in South Texas, but lately, doctors in San Antonio are treating and seeing more patients with RSV or COVID-19.

“It’s because of the indoor activities instead of outdoor activities. It’s because…as compared to two years ago, we didn’t see much of this at all,” Emergency medicine physician Dr. Robert Frolichstein said.

He broke down the current uptick of respiratory tract infections that are impacting people across San Antonio.

“We’re seeing lots of upper respiratory tract infections. Typically they are, you know, I would say four to six weeks ago it was predominantly RSV and flu and a little bit of COVID mixed in,” Frolichstein said.

He explained that more patients are being seen for virus-related sickness but among them are fewer flu cases. However, they are keeping an eye on COVID-19 infections.

“They’re not as severe or they don’t make up a high percentage of the cases as we are seeing right now. COVID is spiking a little bit, but again, not particularly severe illness, which is great news,”

Symptoms between COVID-19, flu and RSV are similar. Over-the-counter medication and home remedies are safe to ease the pain.

Frolichstein says to keep in mind if you have the most up-to-date COVID-19 or flu vaccines. It will not ease the uncomfortable symptoms of respiratory infections.

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