San Antonio has more green space than any other major Texas city, report finds

Alamo City beat out Austin, Dallas and Houston for the green space honor

Local artist Leticia Huerta's sculptures from the “Bloom” art series are located on the River Walk. (Machina Cinema, City of San Antonio Department of Arts & Culture)

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio was recently ranked as the No. 1 city in Texas with the most green space.

A report from Lawn Love ranked nearly 100 of the biggest cities in the U.S. to determine which area had the highest amount of green space.

San Antonio came in at No. 15 on the list but it beat out all the other major Texas cities like Austin, Dallas and Houston.

Here are the rankings for Texas cities in the Lawn Love list:

15. San Antonio

17. Houston

19. El Paso

22. Austin

35. Dallas

42. Fort Worth

47. Corpus Christi

49. Lubbock

65. Plano

67. Arlington

70. Garland

77. Irving

79. Laredo

Courtesy: City of San Antonio

“Texas cities San Antonio, Houston, and El Paso trekked into our top 20. Each of these cities — plus Austin at No. 22 overall — have high scores across the board. Houston stands out with the fourth-largest total park acreage,” officials said in a news release.

Lawn Love offered the following tips for San Antonio locals:

In the summer, you can go for a swim at San Pedro Springs Park, the second-oldest park in the U.S. Explore more historical sites at the San Antonio Missions, or keep an eye out for dinosaur tracks while walking through Government Canyon State Natural Area.

Chesapeake, Virginia took the top spot on the list based on the methodology, which sourced publicly available data for the following factors to determine the rankings:

MetricWeightBest Value
Total Public and Private Green Area per Capita4Biggest
Number of Parks and Green Spaces2Biggest
Total Park Acreage3Biggest
Share of Land Used for Parks and Recreation2Biggest
Average Yard Square Footage2Biggest

“We eliminated 103 cities lacking sufficient data across all five factors, resulting in a final sample size of 97 cities,” according to Lawn Love.

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