Behind the Kitchen Door: Insects found flying inside bakery bread case, crawling on sweets

Chinese buffet with history of low scores does even worse on recent inspection

SAN ANTONIO – Recent health inspection reports revealed a bakery with a roach problem, insects found crawling on bread and sweets in another market and a Chinese buffet with a history of low scores that did even worse when health inspectors recently visited.

Here’s what KSAT Investigates reporter Tim Gerber found behind the kitchen door.

Grand Buffet

Grand Buffet, located in the 600 block of Southwest Military Drive, makes a repeat appearance with a low score of 67. That’s 11 points lower than the score that landed them on Behind the Kitchen Door last summer.

During that inspection, live and dead roaches were found throughout the business, flies were buzzing in the kitchen and there was even a live bird flying around inside.

When inspectors visited again in early December, they found five repeat violations and several new violations.

Multiple refrigeration units weren’t working properly so the food had to be discarded. More food on the buffet line needed to be tossed out for either being out of temperature or being out for too long.

The business was told to hire someone to fix the refrigeration units, a plumber to repair leaking faucets and they needed to do some cleaning of the entire establishment. A re-inspection was ordered.

El Folklor Bakery

El Folklor Bakery, located in the 6000 block of Ingram Road inside the Poco Loco Supermercado, got an 81 on their December inspection.

The inspector found uncovered racks of baked goods that were stored next to an active construction/renovation site across from the bakery.

A bottle of Windex was found stored above ready-to-eat food. There were also multiple gnats found in the food prep area, numerous live roaches and a dead mouse in a trap.

The business was told to hire pest control to get rid of the roach infestation and seal up all holes. A re-inspection was ordered.

La Fiesta Market

La Fiesta Market, located in the 7000 block of Marbach Road, earned an 83 and a re-inspection.

The inspector found uncovered cheese that was stored next to uncovered raw meat in the meat market prep area.

There was no running hot water in the produce area, another sink wouldn’t turn on, and the hand-washing sink had no water at all.

Gnats were found flying around inside the bread case and crawling on the bread and sweets in the case. They were ordered to sell only pre-packaged bread items until the case was cleaned out and sealed to keep insects out.

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The reports go back six months and are frequently updated.

You can catch Tim’s BKD reports Thursday’s on the Nightbeat.


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About the Authors:

Dale Keller is senior news photographer at KSAT-12.