Andre McDonald trial delayed until Thursday due to icy weather conditions

Closing arguments to begin Thursday at 9 am

WATCH: Andre McDonald describes killing his wife, disposing of her body in testimony at own murder trial

SAN ANTONIO – Due to icy weather conditions, the Andre McDonald trial will be on recess until Thursday.

After Bexar County Judge Peter Sakai announced early Tuesday that all county offices and all court dockets would be closed for the day, the 399th court has announced the trial won’t resume until Thursday.

The delay comes after a shocking day of testimony.

On Monday, McDonald took the stand to testify in his defense and gave jurors a play-by-play of how he killed his wife and disposed of her body.

When the trial resumes in two days it will begin with closing arguments at 9 am.

The Air Force Major is on trial for the 2019 murder of his wife Andreen McDonald.

If found guilty he is facing up to life in prison.

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