Hill Country power slowly returns as crews working overtime to repair damage

FAIR OAKS RANCH, Texas – The lights are slowly starting to come back on across the Hill Country, but some communities weren’t so fortunate on Thursday.

Some residents living in the Hill Country were without power overnight Wednesday and throughout the following day.

Fair Oaks Ranch resident Charles Mangelserof said his family spent their night trying to keep warm.

“We just closed up all the blinds and the curtains, trying to keep the warmth in one room. Closed the doors and got the dogs in there as well,” Mangelserof said.

CPS Mobile Community Center set up outside Fair Oaks Elementary provided warmth and phone chargers.

Tobin Maples, city manager of Fair Oaks Ranch, said power should be restored by Thursday afternoon, but crews were still assessing the damage.

“We do have some downed poles and lines here in Fair Oaks Ranch. They already have crews mobilized trying to get those back up and running,” Maples said.

Meanwhile, people living in Bulverde and Spring Branch were in the dark overnight as downed power lines were being cleared.

The Pedernales Electric Cooperative said it’s still unclear when power will come back on because the damage is extensive.

Some Bulverde residents are losing business and patience.

Alexis Washinton works at the front desk of a hotel. She said there have been numerous cancellations, but she’s trying to accommodate guests the best she can.

“We’re giving people flashlights. We actually cooked breakfast on our grill out back this morning,” Washington said.

She said she had lost all the food in her fridge and was frustrated.

“You want to be back in the warmth, and it makes you resourceful, but you want your power back,” Washington said.


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