Bexar County district court judge creates activity book for children to better understand justice system

Courthouse activity book now available for free

SAN ANTONIO – Fun facts, puzzles, coloring pages make up the new children’s courthouse activity book.

The idea was brought to the attention of 45th Civil District Court Judge Mary Lou Alvarez, and she immediately loved it.

“I want them to be familiar with their judges and what it looks like to come to the courthouse,” Alvarez said.

The Courthouse Adventure Book was put together in just five days and features Alvarez and her two kids on the cover.

The book also includes all kinds of activities to help educate kids about the basics of a courthouse, courtroom and the role of a judge.

“It’s just so the courthouse in and of itself is not such a mystery, and so if at any point in these children’s lives, if they were to come into contact with the courtroom, it’s not such a scary place,” Alvarez said.

The book is free and can be found at the 45th District Court office at the Bexar County Courthouse or you can download it online.

Alvarez said the download version is especially for educators who need the materials for their classes.

This is the first edition of the activity book but the hope is to create new versions annually.

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