KSAT Connect: Beautiful bluebonnets blooming around San Antonio, Houston area

Even giraffes, pigs and zebras were seen enjoying the springtime flowers

Bluebonnets (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – It’s the prettiest time of year as bluebonnets are starting to pop up across the San Antonio and Houston areas.

Whether it’s an open field, a springtime garden, or a random cluster along the side of a country road, bluebonnets are marking the start of spring in Texas.

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Bluebonnets are the state flower of Texas, and this includes all forms of the flower, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

If you see bluebonnets, you’re urged to not pick the flowers or dig them up from public property, TPWD said.

We want to see your pictures of bluebonnets sightings! Send your images though KSAT Connect here or on the KSAT 12 app.

Below are images shared by KSAT viewers on bluebonnets sightings around the San Antonio area:

San Antonio

Afternoon nap. Texas style

Karnes City

Bluebonnets back in action in Universal City

Universal City
Christi Haberer

Bluebonnets everywhere in Garden Ridge


My blue bonnets are all year long Haha!!

San Antonio

There were zebras in a bluebonnet field in Fayetteville, Texas.


Maggie loves all the bluebonnets!

San Antonio

Beautiful flowers

Sutherland Springs
Tom Plihal

A fairly rare Pink Blue Bonnet growing alongside our cottage near Brazos Bend State Park. We winter from Minnesnowta & enjoy Texas weather

Long Point

My first time seeing bluebonnets! Goose💙

San Antonio

“Why is this blue bonnet a different color says Molly”.

San Antonio

Miss Pearl enjoying the Blue bonnets.


Great start to spring

New Braunfels
Anne B

Ollie in the bluebonnets

Kristina Domaschofsky

At work and captured a Bluebonnet with our friend Walter at the G2 ranch!

Nancy Jo Petrosky

Our first bluebonnet in our yard!


Jennie looking lovely in the Bluebonnets

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