Bexar County ACS finds 39 animals in poor conditions, 3 dead dogs at rescue kennel on far NW Side

Animal rescue group with good intentions could become part of an animal neglect case

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – A rescue kennel run out of a home on the far Northwest Side is under investigation by Bexar County Animal Control Services after 39 animals were found in poor conditions, and three dogs were found dead.

Bexar County Animal Control Services said it had visited the home previously and was aware of the rescue organization.

Over the past year, the 22-year-old homeowner, Alexis Lenahan, said she and her partner rescued and trained dogs for adoption.

“We had the pins and stuff. We had plenty of volunteers,” Lenahan said.

Lenahan said her partner suddenly took off, and it became too much for one person.

“When she left, a lot of the resources available to me also left,” Lenahan said.

Neighbors began to complain about the mess. That’s when the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office stepped in to investigate the grievances.

“I think her heart was in the right place, but she was quickly in over her head,” said Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar.

When deputies and Bexar County Animal Control Services arrived, the dogs appeared malnourished, and three dogs were found dead on the property.

Bexar County ACS is taking custody of all the dogs. It’s unclear if the homeowner will face any criminal charges.

“If that dog died as a result of neglect, then absolutely there could be charges,” Salazar said. “For now, I just want to make sure the surviving animals that we have now continue to survive.”

All 25 dogs will be taken to a Bexar County Animal Shelter, and veterinarians will perform a necropsy on the three deceased dogs while BCSO continues investigating this case.

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