Disabled veteran reunited with his vehicle towed from handicap zone at laundromat

The towing company apologized and threw in a free washer and dryer for his home

SAN ANTONIO – Five days after a disabled veteran was left stranded by a towing company that took his vehicle from a handicap zone, he’s being reunited with his vehicle and getting an apology.

Patrick Winters is getting an apology from the owners of the towing company that took his vehicle from a handicapped zone.

The disabled veteran originally called KSAT for answers on why his vehicle was taken while he was inside the laundromat last week, and calls to Bexar Creswell’s Towing company were not immediately answered.

Winters had the traditional disabled veteran license plate, but state law now required a specialty placard for disabled veterans.

However, Winters did not know he needed one as the law changed in 2022.

The owners of the towing company handed him his car back without fees and offered an apology. Winters was told the company policy is not to tow veteran vehicles, but a new tow truck driver made a mistake.

Winters will also get help updating his license plates to get the proper placard that will allow him to park in a handicapped zone. The company is also throwing in a free washer and dryer for his home.

“I won’t be spending any more nights at the washaterian. I won’t have to worry about parking in the wrong place,” he said as he smiled.


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