4-pound chocolate peanut butter pie from Costco goes viral but you might have to wait to get one

Texans with a sweet tooth might have to wait for the 4-pound pie

Peanut butter chocolate pie from Costco (CostcoHotFinds)

SAN ANTONIO – A Texas woman known as CostcoHotFinds on social media recently shared a video about a peanut butter chocolate pie that has people flocking to the wholesaler but if you’re ready for a sugar high you might want to wait.

KSAT called local Costco stores to see if they had the now-viral pie in stock and it turns out that it has not been made available in the San Antonio area.

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One member of the Costco administrative staff told KSAT over the phone that sometimes stores will get products to test to see how they might do in a certain market.

“Right now our system is not showing any of the pies available in our region but I know Costco is working to get some,” the staff member said.

“We don’t have an estimated time for when they’ll be available in San Antonio but we’re hoping it will be soon.”

Laura Lamb, the woman behind CostcoHotFinds, said the pie she found at her Dallas-area Costco retailer is “dangerously delicious.”

The video shows the pie sells for $19.99 and weighs 4.75 pounds.

It has a graham cracker crust and is filled with peanut butter cream and chocolate cream, according to the Costco signage.

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