How a yellow dot sticker can help save a life

Schertz introduces Yellow Dot Program for residents with serious medical conditions

SCHERTZ, Texas – People who live in the Schertz and surrounding areas might start to see a yellow sticker on the back windshield of vehicles. The sticker is part of the Yellow Dot Program initiative, which could help save a person’s life.

Amy Anderson has been a paramedic in Schertz for years and knows every minute matters when responding to an emergency. That’s why she wanted to bring the program to Schertz and nearby cities.

“Time is of the essence. We’re taught that in the very beginning -- time is all you have,” said Anderson. “There’s a whole array of medical conditions that require a higher level of acuity care thinking. And if we’re able to notice that by a sticker, it kind of gets us going a little bit faster towards getting that patient appropriate care.”

People with serious to advanced medical conditions can enroll in the program for free and place the sticker on the back of their car.

Paramedics, EMS, firefighters and police are trained to look for the sticker during an emergency and then locate a yellow pamphlet inside the car containing that person’s picture, medical history and vital information.

“Say you’re unresponsive. You’re unable to communicate those needs. We show up on scene and are able to look at that pamphlet,” said Anderson. “The purpose is to allow these pamphlets to speak for these people when they are unable to.”

Schertz resident Tabitha McCollum enrolled her 11-year-old daughter in the pilot program. Her daughter is a pediatric cancer survivor and stroke survivor.

“She has long-term side effects from multiple treatments, so being able to hear that there’s a program locally that can give us peace of mind and time, it’s not something you can buy,” McCollum said.

McCollum added that the program also gives her daughter an extra sense of security with first responders.

“It lets them know ahead of time what they need from you so that they’re not scared or afraid or nervous of what’s happening,” said McCollum.

Anderson said the City of Schertz is the first in our area to introduce the Yellow Dot Program. McCollum hopes it sticks around to get emergency care faster to her daughter and those in need.

“Just to have this pamphlet, to know that I have peace of mind. I can hand this over, and EMS can take her and go -- literally could be her life,” said McCollum.

The program officially started on Monday. Anderson said it covers any place where Schertz runs EMS, including Selma, Cibolo and Live Oak.

Anyone interested in signing up for the program can get more information here

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