Behind the Kitchen Door: Fast food fish restaurant netted multiple violations during recent health inspection

Fred’s Fish Fry on Marbach told to “eradicate” gnats, fix ceiling “held together by duct tape”

SAN ANTONIO – A fast food restaurant specializing in fish was on the hook for several health code violations following its March health inspection, while other businesses needed to hire pest control and do some cleaning.

Here’s what Metro Health inspectors found behind their kitchen doors.

Fred’s Fish Fry

Fred’s Fish Fry, located at 7716 Marbach Road, landed an 85 on its recent health inspection, which included five repeat violations.

Bleach was found stored next to ready-to-eat corn.

No food manager was on duty, and none of the workers could produce food handler certifications, according to the report.

Employees were not wearing hats and hair nets, and a worker was observed handling food while wearing jewelry.

The inspector told them to hire pest control to “eradicate the gnats from the establishment.”

They also needed to clean the dust and debris off the air vents.

KSAT Investigates reporter Tim Gerber stopped by the business this week to see if they had made corrections.

An employee said she couldn’t answer any questions.

While Gerber and KSAT photographer Dale Keller were inside, they saw a fly hanging out near the front counter and found an out-of-date scorecard showing a much higher score from 2019. There was no sign of the most recent inspection report.

It appeared the business still needed to repair the ceiling, which the inspector noted “was caving in and held together by duct tape.” They have until the end of June to make several repairs.

The business was told to “ensure all violations are corrected by the time of the next inspection.”

Galleria Foods

Galleria Foods, located at 703 South San Jacinto, got an 85.

Food items, including “burger toppings, hot dogs, and cheese,” were observed sitting at room temperature when they should be kept below 41 degrees.

There were also trays of patties sitting on a shelf. The inspector wrote, “Patties may not sit on shelves until ordered to be cooked.”

The inspector watched a worker grab an uncooked burger patty, put it on the grill, and then continue to prepare other foods without handwashing.

A can of Raid was in the kitchen along with “dead and live roaches.”

The business also needed a good cleaning.

The inspector left them a long list of items to be corrected in time for a re-inspection.

Popo Pizzeria Trattoria

Popo Pizzeria Trattoria, located at 8603 State Highway 151, earned an 88.

The hand sink was clogged with food.

There were ‘multiple gnats throughout” the business, and the back door needed to be fixed to keep pests out.

An employee was observed prepping food while wearing jewelry, and a bucket of sugar was found on the floor next to a hand sink.

A re-inspection was ordered.

Score Guide:

100-90 = A (Very Good to Acceptable)

89-80 = B (Acceptable to Marginal)

79 or lower = C (Marginal to Poor)

*Metro Health indicates that scores of 69 or lower are failing scores

Other scores from this week of inspections:

Hotdogologist, 100

114 N. Ellison Dr


La Amistad Tortilleria, 100

2754 Culebra Rd


La Montanita Mexican Restaurant, 100

4922 Rigsby Ave


Pizza Patron, 100

3116 Nogalitos St


PoPo Pizzeria Trattoria, 100

15614 Huebner Rd


Taco Bell, 99

849 E. Commerce St


Wingstop, 98

4130 S. New Braunfels


Whataburger, 97

3500 S. New Braunfels


Yokai Japan and Thai Restaurant, 96

2923 Thousand Oaks


Twin Sisters Bakery, 95

6322 N. New Braunfels


Bar Louie, 94

15900 La Cantera Parkway


Chela’s Tacos, 93

3420 N. St Mary’s


Tip Top Cafe, 92

2814 Fredericksburg Rd


El Nuevo Laredo Mexican Restaurant, 91

1126 New Laredo Hwy


Chunky Monkey Snack Bar, 90

4710 S. Hackberry St

Want to know who has good scores and who doesn’t? KSAT 12 has a new tool for that.

Just click this link, and it will take you to a new mapping tool we have showing the recent scores for San Antonio food businesses.

The reports go back six months and are frequently updated.

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About the Authors

Dale Keller is senior news photographer at KSAT-12.

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