San Antonio ISD students express themselves through art show entries

Art showcase takes place at 5 p.m. at Jefferson High School

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio ISD students have been painting and sketching and are getting ready to showcase their work at a community event on Friday.

“My art piece is about how pollution affects a human being’s mindset and what we put into our environment is what we receive and our bodies,” Johnny Recendez, a student at Jefferson High School said.

Recendez enjoys expressing his emotion through art.

“My artwork is a getaway, where I can express myself in a way I’m not able to verbally, but I am visually,” Recendez said.

The community is invited to see Recendez’s artwork and dozens of others from elementary, middle and high school students from SAISD.

“If you are looking at elementary they have colorful, beautiful work. Middle school is a developmental year. You will see a lot of that. High school, the students really start to express themselves and finding their own voice inside of art,” Stephanie Cox, the visual arts teacher at Jefferson High School said.

The art showcase starts at 5 p.m. at Jefferson High School.

Teachers say art programs are beneficial to students.

“I think art programs are really important because it allows people, it allows our students to be social, communicate and be heard,” Samantha Perez-Tidwell, another visual arts teacher at Jefferson High School said.

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