Leading SA: President & CEO of Port San Antonio discusses growth, plans for the future

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SAN ANTONIO – Port San Antonio has grown exponentially over the last five years, and there is even more on the horizon.

Jim Perschbach, President and CEO of Port San Antonio, joined Leading SA to discuss progress and plans for the future.

“Well, it’s been a tremendous year. We’re on track to add about 2000 jobs with customers ranging in everything from aerospace to engine work to information security,” Perschbach said.

There has been a lot of growth at Port SA and many more visitors. Perschbach shared numbers on how many guests attended recent events and even gave insight into recent investments.

“It’s been great. 150,000 kids have come through SAMSAT in the programs over there. And with the investment from Boeing through the Kelly Heritage Foundation, we’re going to have five flight simulators in there. We’ve got robots. And most important, it’s a chance for kids to come in and be hands-on with the opportunities. We’re going to have about $500,000 in investments directly into educational programs with SAMSAT, Dee Howard Foundation, and Wex Foundation. And this is a great opportunity for kids to go hand in glove with the people who are doing this work,” Perschbach said.

The President and CEO went on to talk about the bright future ahead for the port, including two major construction projects.

“We’ve got two major construction projects that we hope to be launching very soon, the Vertiport and the consolidated airport facilities and the big office tower that we’ve already sent the preliminary drawings out. And we’re hoping to have a tremendous number of local businesses be part of helping us put that together,” Perschbach said.

Perschbach said the Vertiport is a giant electric aircraft that people and cargo can enter.

“These are going to revolutionize transportation, not just in San Antonio, but around the world. At some point in time, I don’t know whether it’s ten years or 20 years, people are just going to get on their phones and order up an air taxi. It’s going to be right there, and it’s going to take them wherever they want to go. And this is the type of work that is being developed right here in San Antonio... it’s going to be a revolution that’s right here in San Antonio,” Perschbach said.

Projects aren’t the only ones getting investments. Perschbach told KSAT the port is continuing to make huge investments in the current and future talent in San Antonio.

“The goal is to showcase the opportunities that exist here in San Antonio. And then once you show people the opportunity exists to help open the door. So we’re very proud of the Kelly Heritage Foundation. It’s a nonprofit. Boeing has given us a two-and-a-half million dollar push this year, but it is funding a number of those programs. So the young people and not-so-young people see something they want to do,” Perschbach said.

Although it currently has over 80 tenant customers and employs 18,000 people, Port SA is still considered a hidden gem, even as it generates over $5 billion in annual economic activity in our region.

“It’s amazing that we keep hearing that. It’s a hidden gem here in San Antonio. I spent the past couple of weeks on a tour around the country doing work, and participating in seminars, and there are a lot of people who know about what’s going on in San Antonio, know about the work going on here. So if you got somebody or if you yourself are interested, come on down, spend some time at SAMSAT, spend some time in the gaming center, and watch a show. It’s a cool place to be when it’s 99 degrees outside,” Perschbach said.

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