Queensland authorities warn tourists about dingo attacks on Australia’s K’gari Island

Two dingoes have been euthanized

Authorities in Queensland are warning tourists to beware of dingoes after recent attacks along a K’gari beach.

The Queensland Department of Environment and Science has released video footage of two attacks.

You can watch the video in the player at the top of this article.

In one incident, a French tourist was bitten on the buttocks as she sunbathed. In another, a boy was chased by a dingo along a beach.

In an incident that was not captured on video, a 10-year-old boy was grabbed on the shoulder and dragged underwater. He wasn’t seriously injured.

“These animals are capable of inflicting serious harm, and they have bitten children and adults, and some are quite brazen and are not fleeing when yelled at or when someone brandishes a stick,” Assistant Principal Ranger Danielle Mansfield said. “We don’t want any incidents on K’gari, and people must understand that dingoes are wild animals and should never be fed or interacted with.”

The department is increasing patrols to monitor the dingoes’ behavior.

Two dingoes linked to recent attacks have been euthanized.

Parents are urged to keep children within arms reach of an adult at all times and not to feed the dingoes.

Dingoes are a type of canine native to Australia. While they look similar to domestic dogs, they are an apex predator and can be dangerous to humans.

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